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1992: Dr. Willow earned a degree as a Shiatsu practitioner and Heilpraktiker, which means Healing Practitioner, in Germany, her country of origin.


1994: Dr. Willow immigrated to Grand Rapids, Ohio where she ran a private practice as a Shiatsu and massage therapist. She also served as the house massage therapist at The Kerr House, a renowned Health Spa.


2004:  Dr. Willow graduated from the Southwest Acupuncture College of Santa Fe with a Master’s Degree in Oriental Medicine.


From 2004 until the present, Dr. Willow has been operating a busy clinic, where she specializes in pain management, PTSD, gynecological disorders, allergies and substance abuse.


2010: Dr. Willow went to Nürnberg, Germany, to teach a group of Heilpraktiker (Naturopaths). In a 3-Day Workshop she taught the students, how to treat pain effectively with Dr. Tan’s style of acupuncture. In 2012, she returned to Nürnberg, to teach an introduction to another group of Heilpraktiker in the same treatment style, which is very effective in pain management.


2012 to present: Dr. Willow is subcontracted by The Recovery Center in Santa Fe, to treat patients for substance abuse.


2014 to present: Dr. Willow is subcontracted by the VA Hospital of Santa Fe to treat veterans for PTSD and other illnesses and injuries.


Dr. Willow continues to further her knowledge and skills in her specialties by attending workshops and classes.



- Silva


- Will

Doctor Willow has genuine expertise, in that she makes a difficult and complicated process appear simple and effortless. While using needles to achieve what seems like magical results – in reduced pain and increased organ function, and many other medical crises - she converses pleasantly and makes the session enjoyable. As a veteran of half a century of medical interventions, I have finally found someone who can actually help me feel better. It does not, in my considerable experience, get better than this.

Wren Willow is truly a healer!  I have been a patient of Wren's since 2007, and she continues to amaze me in her ability to mitigate my allergies here in Santa Fe.  This year in particular she focused on my itchy eyes, and I can say I have yet to itch them in the last 6 weeks!!!  She makes my dread of a Santa Fe spring disappear!! Do yourself a favor and make the appointment with Wren today!

I have depended on acupuncture for over 40 years. It was my go to answer with difficult health issues and general health maintenance. I had never experienced a particular methodology that Wren used with me.

It was nothing short of miraculous in my recent recovery from extensive shoulder repair. I remember walking into her office in tears and horrible, unrelenting pain, wondering if I had blown out the surgery somehow. I walked out amazed and greatly relieved.

Her expertise was the reason I recovered so well.  Even the orthopedic surgeon was impressed with my rapid progress.

She's a gifted professional with such a kind, compassionate heart. I feel quite fortunate to have found her and just knowing I can depend on her knowledge and her care gives me great peace of mind in any health issue that may arise.

- Glenda

"My vision is much better, now that I can not see” Claude Monet

Even though I may have paraphrased it a bit, Monet’s words have been present in my mind for awhile now, almost like a mantra, in my search for solace.

For over 30 years I had been enjoying a very good career as a fine detail painter, all the while struggling along with my eye condition, a form of dry Macular degeneration. Three years ago my already-compromised vision took a sudden nosedive, and work as I’d known it came to a halt. Different avenues of medical treatment with eye specialists produced no results, so I kept my head in the sand for awhile, with the idea that it all would get back to normal soon. It did not.

Five weeks ago I had the great fortune to meet with Dr. Wren Willow, who offered me a intensive acupuncture treatment protocol specifically developed to treat and reverse the damaging effects of the dry form of Macular Degeneration.

After the first week of treatment I went for an examination

with my ophthalmologist, who informed me that I had successfully identified five more characters on the eye chart than I had previously done in my last examination almost a year earlier. This sort of improvement had not been happening for a long time. Although I had been functioning with my MD for many years with the help of a maximum strength magnification visor that I used for painting and even simply reading, its usefulness came to an end when my situation took that ‘nosedive’ three years ago.

Since my treatments began with Dr. Wren Willow it has become clear that what had begun as barely perceptible increments of improvement, has been steadily accumulating as the regimen continues. With the help of that same visor I’m now able to read again, even with a level of ease, and my central focus and control in drawing is getting much better. I’m also experiencing other small yet significant changes in my eyesight. That proverbial light at the end of the tunnel is growing and shining more brightly.

For the last three years, I have been unable to work as an artist, as I lost the ability to draw. Equally I have not been able to read a magazine or see any details up close, as I am suffering from dry macular degeneration for over thirty years. In a period over 5 weeks of daily treatments, all of this is coming back and I am excited to pick up on my paintings again.

- Braldt

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